Osprey – the ultimate fisher

During the Osprey season at the SWT Loch of the Lowes Reserve near Dunkeld (Scotland), as yet, I have never seen Ospreys fishing in front of the hides. They will do it on occasions and I can very easily imagine the delight on the faces of visitors that catch a glimpse of this sight. Perhaps I will find myself there at the right time one day and I do hope my MIL is with me on that occasion 🙂

Occasionally, I do find myself browsing wildlife videos on YouTube and one such time I came across the video below of Ospreys fishing by the Charity ARKive which I would love to share. What a brilliant few pieces of footage this is! I love the bit when the Osprey looks like it is surfing across the sky! Enjoy…

Source: ARKive on YouTube

Was that not just brilliant? What incredible strength these birds have to lift the large heavy fish out of the water. I found myself gasping in awe.

What is also brilliant is the (thought to be) oldest breeding UK Osprey (affectionately known as Lady) returned to her nest at Loch of the Lowes for a 23rd consecutive year. She then stunned everyone by laying 4 eggs!

Birdwatchers travel from far and wide to catch a glimpse of Lady, who has now brought double the average number of ospreys into the world.

STV News 3 June 2013

Although only one chick hatched out of the four this year (probably due to the male deserting his incubation duties for a few times at a crucial stage and eggs getting cool) all eyes at the reserve and on the webcam are on this chick as it develops. It is growing well and is now just over 2 weeks old.

Fingers will be tightly crossed that it continues to do well and manages to fledge successful and migrate to Africa later in the summer. If it does it will be Lady’s 50th fledgling! Funds have been raised to satellite tag the chick and follow its progress all being well. This Osprey story with regular Q&A and tales of other birds and wildlife (including Red squirrels and more recently Beavers) can be followed through the Loch of the Lowes Blog.

As I have shared the ARKive video above on my blog I feel it is only courtesy to add a bit about this charity with a link to their donation page. I do like the ethos of their work as does Sir David Attenborough who is Wildscreen Patron.

Help us share the wonders of the natural world

As a charitable organisation, we rely on the support of others to help us inspire people to discover, value and protect our natural world. ARKive is used by schools, local communities and conservation organisations around the world, and our work is only possible with your help and support. Please help us keep ARKive growing and free to everyone.

We are hugely grateful for any support – together we can do amazing things!

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ARKive Osprey page

For those new to watching Ospreys, like me, the page above looks very interesting. I intend having a good browse. There are more Osprey videos, some stunning Osprey photos and lots of Osprey facts to be found.

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11 thoughts on “Osprey – the ultimate fisher

  1. A train that we were travelling on in Wales stopped to wait for a crossover right alongside where a pair of ospreys were nesting at the nature reserve at Ynis-hir so we could watch a pair wheeling around.

    As for hides when we are in them the birds do just that – hide! We see more in our garden!

  2. A very interesting post Shirley, what impressive birds they are and such skilful fishers. Amazing video footage! It did look just like it was on a surfboard at one point 🙂

    I've just broken off from writing this comment and been viewing Lady and chick on the live webcam. Fantastic! I spent more time than I should have but glad I did as after a couple of very brief glimpses of the chick Lady moved away and I was able to watch the chick very clearly for quite a while.

    My husband just came into the room so nipped over to webcam again to show him and was just just in time to see dad disappearing and mum feeding chick! Really incredible views, thanks for flagging this up Shirley 🙂

    I also left a late comment on your previous post.

  3. Totally awesome video!!! Had no idea! I watch them with their fish in claws but don't recall ever seeing one diving in and out! Thanks Shirl..just a thrill.

  4. When holidaying at the Aigas Field Centre a couple of years ago, we had fantastic views of 2 ospreys fishing just 50yds away,in the shallows of the Beauly Firth
    We also see them having a rest stop while migrating, down here in Devon on the River Exe.
    They certainly are magnificent birds, to see them fishing is a moment , never to be forgotten.

  5. Hello everyone and thanks for all your comments 🙂 I'm delighted you all enjoyed seeing this spectacle too.

    I do hope you have all been enjoying your summer 🙂

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