What’s going on in the garden tonight?

Well… my gardenwatch assistants have told me that… a mouse is very likely to be having a grand old time of it helping itself to the food in Hedgehog Manor (my hedgehog feeding station with IR cam). My assistants have also told me that I can expect at least two different hedgehogs dining at Hedgehog Manor tonight on crushed unsalted peanuts, sunflower hearts, dried mealworms and sultanas – word is getting around it seems 😉

Opening up a new clear garden access point will help hedgehogs find the food and dish of water I put out for them which is brilliant. I’ll get Mr Bushnell out checking this spot for garden arrivals soon. It’s ever so handy having night gardenwatch assistants – fun too! But what else is going on in my garden tonight? Here are a few clues…

Clue number 1: On the Buttermere bird table – is that snow?

Clue number 2: A gardenwatching hanging basket 😉

Clue number 3: The times set on my alarms 😉

2014 is going to be a fun gardenwatching year. Please do share any guesses in comments. That’s all I’ve time to give you tonight… I need to get to bed early now 😉

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6 thoughts on “What’s going on in the garden tonight?

  1. Looks like nesting material to me but I don't know of a night visitor that would use it. Chickadees are using a box in our garden for the first time ever. So exciting.

  2. Yes, I'm guessing nesting material. I'm also guessing that YOU are getting early to take the early-bird-gets-the-worm (or in this case, the nesting materials) watch!!! 🙂
    Hope you will share the results!

    Happy Spring!

  3. My guess is nesting material also and switching the computer on to catch them at it. Our herring gulls are settling down now with their partners and I saw them yesterday bringing moss and twigs back.

  4. Hello everyone, thanks for all your comments and guesses 🙂

    Lisa, you are absolutely right on the material, but it was the final layer! There wasn’t a night visitor as such but since the beginning of the nest build in our cam box the female hasn’t roosted there. Last night ( I do believe) she returned to lay her first egg in the morning. She's in again tonight 😀

    Shady, Yep, right again! Ha-ha… the early bird to watch the first egg of the season being laid in our nestcam box. I have shared as much as I can in my next post – please do return to see more 🙂

    Sue, so am I – looking for proof that is 😉 How is your nestcam box doing? Have you seen any nest building this year?

    Suizie, again, correct on the nesting material and yes I wanted to catch footage (seen in next post) of the soft material being taken but I was switching the PC on to see an egg being laid! No proof, but I do believe we have one. Ah… never thinking of herring gulls building nests but of course they will do. I’m a bit worried a woodpigeon is considering nest building at the top of my pergola. Although this would be interesting to watch, it is right in the middle of my garden where we walk through and they wouldn’t get peace there – it’s en route to my washing dryer. She hasn’t been spotted back at this spot but I can’t see this area from my gardenwatching window and I can’t watch my garden 24/7 despite all my assistants 😉

  5. Nest building in various parts of the garden but neither nest box cams. We don;t really want to remove other boxes to force them on camera

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