Friday @ the Flicks – A foraging Wren

Today’s planned blog post remains in draft after being bumped back for yesterday’s sweet video capture of the shy Wren (Troglodytes troglodytes). Apologies for the slightly bumpy tripod work at the start but these birds scurry along the ground like mice and it’s hard to predict which direction they will take next.

Fellow blogger Midmarsh John regularly posts ‘Friday at the Flicks’ with recent video footage and often more than one video too. I thought I’d join him today seeing as my footage was current too.

Short Wren video, 36 seconds with background music, try HD quality.

If you find yourself looking out your window you too will find that it’s much easier to spot small, ground foraging birds with the border plants dying down at this time of year. However, the Wren was not what my video camera was sitting on my tripod poised for yesterday. It was a very nice second prize though 😀

What could beat a Wren capture I hear you ask? Well, I do believe we had a gardenwatch first on Wednesday. I do need video footage of this visitor to confirm my suspicion (should it return). I’m quietly confident it will but will I be gardenwatching at the time – I do hope so 🙂

Can you guess what I’m guessing was spotted foraging on my pine tree branches just below the fat ball feeder? Wishing you all a great weekend and hoping my US blogging friends have enjoyed a good Thanksgiving with their friends and families 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Friday @ the Flicks – A foraging Wren

  1. Well done – they are not easy birds to film or photograph and are still on my hit list as camera and wren never seem to be in the same place at the same time.

    My target bird guess is crested tit

  2. What a little sweetie. Here the common name for this wren is Winter Wren. This is a good name for it because in my area it is only here during winter. I spotted this wren briefly in my garden this fall during migration. It was a first so you can imagine my excitement. To have such good video would really be a treat. Thank you, we had a great day with family and food yesterday. I hope you have a great weekend and your mystery bird reappears in front of your video camera.

  3. A brilliant bit of video Shirley. Thanks again for the mention and link. I added a link to this on my 'Friday at the Flicks'. It's great to be able to see how different creatures behave which you just can't tell from still photos.

  4. I followed the link from Midmarsh John's post, and really enjoyed seeing your little wren foraging in the undergrowth. The music fitted its darty movements and brought a smile 😉 Wonderful jog. Good luck with your gardenwatching!

  5. A most heartwarming video Shirl – I loved the way the wren's head popped up just before it disappeared. Your choice of music is brilliant!

  6. Hello everyone, thanks for all your comments. I’m delighted you enjoyed seeing this shy bird too 🙂

    Adrian, I’m delighted to join in here 🙂

    Sue, thank-you! I agree, often I don’t even try to follow the wren with any camera. In this case this bird spent a while going back and forth and I decided to keep the camera in the one area in the hope it would pass by again – I was lucky. Oooo… a crested tit would be wonderful but will never make the likely list here.

    Lisa, it really is isn’t it. I do remember seeing a wren in your Christmas window box display once – to me that was very special! Oooo I can imagine your excitement recently though 🙂

    John, thanks, I was very happy to record that footage for the very reason you say – it does capture behaviour. You are most welcome on the link – thanks for returning mine (not my intention). I may join you @ the Flicks another Friday 🙂

    Glo, hello there! Delighted you watched my video and enjoyed the music too – I have such fun editing the tracks to the movement. Thank-you, I do hope we see the newest visitor again 🙂

    Anna, what fun isn’t it? Ha-ha… that’s my favourite bit too. It’s brilliant fun matching the music, I only wish I had a bigger range in my editing software. Copyright is something I’ve to watch for so I’m wary of my selections.

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