#30DaysWild Day 10 – Checking the pond plants

Pond plants really are a great way to work and connect with nature. On the most basic level, for both gardener and wildlife, they oxygenate the water keeping it fresh and clear. They also provide wildlife a place of shelter from larger predators like herons, cats and humans too.

As a gardener, I have enjoyed the challenge of planting up my ‘water border’ in just the same way I would any other new area of the garden. Although I’m still on a learning curve here, I’m pleased to be getting more familiar with the ID’s of this new group of plants to me. So what was in flower this Friday evening? I wanted to check as I’m keeping notes 🙂

Flowers of Water crowfoot (white), Monkeyflower (yellow), Lesser Spearwort (yellow), Brooklime (blue) Forget-me-not blue (no surprise -blue) and the Slender tufted-sedge could be seen. A few other things were noted too and not all were pretty.

Bathing birds enjoying the sandy beach too much are causing it to slip.
I’ve a bag of smaller pebbles (birthday gift) which may cover the liner better.

A closer look shows Brooklime rooting in the sand – great for now 🙂
Also highlighted is more exposed liner up the edge – a fix is needed here.

A replanting fix is needed for this piece of Brooklime pulled by birds.
A female Blackbird is the suspect here seen looking for mud for nesting.

I will pull out this fern (arrived all by itself) as it will give too much shade.
Replacing it with a smaller more delicate fern or a small hosta would be good.

A nice surprise to see a leaf of Frogbit tonight – it survived winter!

Not surviving snail damage – the leaves of Water Hawthorn. This poor plant
keeps trying to grow – we need the tadpoles to grow up to frogs and help out.

I’ll finish tonight with a pretty flowering plant – Forget-me-not blue ,
Large Red Damselflies have been seen laying eggs under its leaves 🙂
Bees & Butterflies should be attracted by the nectar of it’s flowers too.

This post was published by Shirley for shirls gardenwatch in June 2016.

2 thoughts on “#30DaysWild Day 10 – Checking the pond plants

  1. Hello again, Lisa thanks again for keeping up with my daily posts. It has been exciting to watch the damselflies lay their eggs in my pond. I saw it last year too and I’ve just remembered I caught video footage then. I must take a look again at that and upload it. I am delighted you are loving this series. I wasn’t sure if I could keep this up but seeing it as challenge I am still here 😉

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