#30DaysWild Day 11 – Out with a torch

There was a light drizzle of rain at dusk and as darkness fell it was a torch wander in search of moths on the Ivy of my pergola. I’ve seen them there before. Alas, I only saw one small one (no idea what it was) but plenty of snails were to be seen. I’ve seen them there before too, high up near the top as well as near the ground.

I secretly hoped a Hedgehog would walk by me en route to the feeding station but alas it was a no show. Then again, I have noticed that on wet nights I don’t see hedgehogs visiting much at all. They weren’t seen via the camera the feeding station either. Maybe later during the night they will be in.

Images from tonight’s garden wander in the dark.

As it was wet, I took a compact camera out with me that would flash at everything. Bats were seen flying around the garden but try as I might I was unsuccessful in capturing half decent images of them. They are very challenging to follow sweeping around the garden at speed.

Much easier to photograph on a wet, dark night were the orchids near the foot of one of the ivy clad pergola poles – I do love them. The one on the left is a recent arrival after the Gardening Scotland Show last weekend.

I also took the opportunity, with no hedgehog in the feeding station, to take blind photos inside at the camera end and I can see that there are cobwebs over the lens. I’ll try and clean that up and pull out the ivy that is growing in there soon. Perhaps I could add a frog shelter below the camera for possible toad-lets from the pond. I’ll ponder over that one – ha-ha, no pun intended 😉

This post was published by Shirley for shirls gardenwatch in June 2016.

3 thoughts on “#30DaysWild Day 11 – Out with a torch

  1. Interesting walk about with a torch. It makes me want to do the same thing. I envy you your rain. It is so dry here that the hydrangeas and some hostas are pouting already. It is June mind you. Unheard of. The orchids are beautiful.

  2. We have noticed that hedgehogs don't seem to like wet weather. Strange as I would expect it would provide good foraging.
    I love taking flash images in the dark, the photos are so dramatic.

  3. Hello again , to you both and thanks again for keeping up with my daily posts and leaving your comments 🙂

    Lisa, Great, it was a fun wander and I do recommend it 🙂 It showed me that fewer moths were out flying in the damp night. I had thought more would have been on the ivy. We have had it dry for a number of weeks so plants here have welcomed these light showers. The greens are all lush again. I can easily imagine how your hosta’s are looking – wishing them some rain soon. Me too on the orchid, the plant the label states this is a hardy one (DACTILORHIZA) will self-seed freely and is excellent for creating natural meadow areas too so I’m excited about possible seedlings next year 🙂

    Sue, yes, I agree you would expect more natural foods of the type hedgehogs enjoy on a rainy night. It does seem quite here on nights like that. Yes, I do remember you commenting once before on how much you enjoy flash night photos. I agree, they do create a dramatic look 🙂

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