#30DaysWild Day 13 – Possible damselfly eggs?

Tonight’s images were, quite literally, shots in the dark using my zoom lens with the setting set to night portrait. It was an experiment to see if any pond life could be seen on the plants growing in my wildlife pond. It’s always fun uploading photos like these to see if there are any surprises.

Surprise number one, it looks like I’ve seen my first damselfly eggs clinging on to plant stems and around the edges of a leaf. In daylight tomorrow, I’ll check out the area I saw legs being laid by two pairs of Large Red Damselflies and see if I can get photos to compare. This is first in terms of garden watch sightings if it is 🙂

Surprise number two, a capture over the sandy pond edges revealed up-to-date tadpole images clearly showing their eyes and mottled colouring. They are going to be very interesting to follow especially now that our Coal tit chicks have successfully fledged 🙂

Yes, surprises began earlier this morning a bit away from the wildlife pond. Expecting an empty nestbox at 6:35am, when I looked in I found it fully occupied. Our seven nest box Coal tit chicks didn’t rush out into the big wild world they are in tonight. I was very, very lucky to be at home then to watch five chicks fledge live. I’ll come back to their full story another time as my eyes are a tad square looking for editing the footage!

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  1. It is always good to look at photographs and spot some nice surprises. Even ones taken in daylight can reveal some surprising things

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