Brief flutter & leg stretch

July seems to have run away all by itself and has ended with a brief game of garden hide and seek. The game took place on July 27th and players were the gardener tidying the potting shed, the first small tortoiseshell butterfly garden sighting for 2016 and the tadpoles having an extended holiday in the garden pond 😉

Both the small tortoiseshell and the tadpoles made a great job of hiding from the gardener’s camera but they were finally tagged out. As the other buddleja plants with white flowers get close to flowering, verbena bonariensis and cone flowers too, more games of hide and seek can be expected with visiting butterflies and other pollinators.

July 27th, the small tortoiseshell butterfly begins its brief game.

The small tortoiseshell butterfly finally gets tagged by the gardener’s camera.

The small tortoiseshell butterfly gets tagged hiding in the lawn too.

A quite different game of hide and seek can be expected with the tadpoles during August. This is really going to be a fun month with the wildlife of the garden pond. After much garden pond watching, July finally ended with a brief back leg stretch from a tadpole – yay!!

Gotcha – with a bit of alteration to colour levels in photoshop 🙂
The hardest garden hide and seek game of all – evidence of tadpoles with legs!

I wonder if anyone else has playing hide and seek during July? What have been your fav July moments? I must get blog browsing to see. Wishing you all a great August for wildlife and gardening 🙂

This post was published by Shirley for shirls gardenwatch in July 2016.

3 thoughts on “Brief flutter & leg stretch

  1. Nothing as dramatic as tadpoles in my garden. I have had butterflies. I need a new camera. The one I have isn't good at getting close ups. Sigh~~ I will try to get a post up soon. Love seeing your garden happenings. July has been hot and dry here.

  2. Still a dearth of butterflies in our garden except for the whites and gatekeepers. I did think I spotted a small tortoiseshell on our buddleia the other day but before I could investigate further it has disappeared.

  3. Hello again to you both, thanks for visiting and leaving your comments 🙂

    Lisa, these tadpoles have been a drama right enough – I’ve a feeling you’re going to love the next tadpole episode 😉 Delighted to hear you’ve seen butterflies though. Wishing you a surprise new camera one day, I’m certain you’d have much fun looking more closely at all the critters in your garden 😀

    Sue, that is worrying especially as your buddleja’s will be in full bloom (seeing as ours are only starting to flower). Shame you didn’t get photos, I wonder if you’ll have had other opportunities since and we may see some for wordless Wednesday 🙂 This tortoiseshell didn’t hang around long either (that I could see anyway). We are back to rain again tomorrow so none likely then, but on the positive, more flowers will be ready to open and attract them when the sun comes back 😀

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