0 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Garden video gold

  1. Your little red squirrel is wound tight. Busy busy.
    It was fun to see the thrush eating the apple too. The birds in my garden don't touch an apple if I put them out. Grapes go to the raisen stage if I put them out. No one eats them. How do you keep that apple upright?

  2. Hello again to you both, thanks for visiting and leaving your comments 🙂

    Sue, oh, Sue… I really do feel privileged here! As I type this, the red squirrel is distracting me outside my window once again :-)))))

    Lisa, wound tight, indeed as it runs past my window as I type this. It is truly a delight being able to see this behaviour that in recent years has been at our favourite wildlife reserve observation window. Ah… the apples, if you look closely at the first clip you will spot a bit of bamboo sticking up in the middle of the apple. I tend to core the apples and pop them over canes and tree branches that I’ve pruned back as perches and for this purpose 🙂 Apples go down a storm here, grapes will also be taken. The apples are more popular here as the temps cool down. Perhaps when you’ve snow your birds will be more keen to take them? Your birds must be get fruit from somewhere else and come to your garden for seeds and nuts 🙂

  3. A couple of lovely videos Shirley. I must do a bit of gleaning and gather some windfalls for the Thrushes and Blackbirds.

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