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Pardon Me, late blooms

That would be Hemerocallis ‘Pardon Me’ the day lily with its magenta-red flowers and yellow centres that was flowering on the 15th of August, perfectly in time for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day. It was this blogger that made it late to the party celebrated by bloggers around the world sharing plants in bloom in the middle of the month. It’s great to join host Carol at May Dreams Gardens and others taking part.

Taking photos on the day was maybe a bit tight. The static images below were ready to go. However, it’s been ages since I’ve included every plant from the garden that is flowering or about to flower. My camera kept finding more to photograph. A slideshow was the way to go with that, but it caught me out time wise. A week on, I decided I didn’t want to lose this garden record, so picked up this post again.

Pardon Me was the original feature image and it nicely tied in with this blog title again. I guess the surprise find of a snail sleeping in an Astrantia flower last Saturday, covers this blogger sleeping on the job. Well, truth be told I’ve been busy working in the borders since these photos were taken. I’m happy with what I have done in between rain showers and time available. The garden continues to evolve.

Astrantia ‘Sparkling Stars’ going a little less sparkly, needs pruning back for new flowers.
Many insects have been see crawling around astrantia flowers but this was a first today.

The garden was also rain kissed last Saturday, but that made for some nice colours in the captures. I don’t know how other bloggers choose which flowers from the garden to highlight for GBBD. I guess for me it’s often the stories behind the plant purchases.

Keepsake buy, lace like Hydrangea paniculata ‘Magical Himalaya’ bought on day
daughter’s wedding dress picked, catching up after hard pruning in 2nd year.
Fresh sparkles, Gypsophilla ‘Summer Sparkles’ originally displayed in pots outside
marquee entrance at daughter’s wedding here with childhood fav, bird’s foot trefoil.
Pot display at Hedgehog feeding station entrance. Lavender moved into brighter spot to encourage more flowers. Bought for scent, thought to be unappealing to cats. Mmm ?

Other times it’s the colours that catch my eye, the flowers and the foliage. Then there’s the reminders of a garden job needing done, like the pond plants being thinned out. I have loved having a garden border in water. Its been a new challenge working with plants I can’t predict. In terms of maintenance that is. These plants have been well used by wildlife too which is brilliant.

Rhododendron sanguineum ssp. didymum, a special plant in the garden.
This summer flowering variety is always a delight and its colour stunning.
Nymphaea, water lily, Perry’s Baby Red, looking a bit like it’s trying to escape the crowd.
An Autumn pond plant tidy is on the garden list. Water depth may be to shallow too
Nymphaea ‘Marliacea Chromatella’, bought for it’s beautiful mottled leaves.
I see the pond like another plant border needing variety in leaves and flowers.

There are a fair few images in the slideshow below, including a surprise find of borage behind the frosted fire sedum I was taking a photo of. I love discovering surprises like these. More often than not you only discover them looking through the camera lens. It’s years since borage was in the borders. It’s a serious bee magnet.

Another couple of plants of mention, for myself, are the little olive tree flowers. This is a new stage to this potted plant sitting outdoors. I wonder if we will actually get olives. Perhaps I should move into the greenhouse for a little more heat to improve its chances. As for the chance of glorious purple berries on Callicarpa bodinieri Profusion? Well it’s flowered for another year but they seem to be dying off again too. If anyone has any thoughts here, I’d love to hear them.

I’d also love to hear your plant stories and problems both in growing terms and in selecting them for blog posts like this. A week on, what are your favourite garden blooms and why? Wishing a belated Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day to everyone who took part. Enjoy any garden plans you have for the weekend. It’s late evening as I type this and my live cameras have just shown a hedgehog arrive at the garden feeding station. Sorry, I’ll have to include one more photo now.

Hedgehog Manor table booked for 22:45, hay headgear optional.

This post was written by Shirley for shirls gardenwatch on August 21st 2020.

5 thoughts on “Pardon Me, late blooms

    1. Oh dear Sue, at this time of year, some plants can be like that but taking a guess that it’s the weather that has caused this. I’m also guessing you’ve still fresh blooms to come yet, enjoy them.

    1. Yes Anna it is, after bringing the first plant home I went instantly out searching for more. I had a few trips, but got more so I could have a good sized group planting, Perhaps I shouldn’t have divided new ones before planting as have waited a few years for it to flower again. It’s was worth it now though 😊

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