Sunday sees six

I must be honest and say I didn’t actually see six eggs this morning! If I didn’t get up 15 minutes earlier this morning I would have had no idea at all if another egg had been laid. Number six was laid at 5.20am this morning and I saw our female Blue Tit lay it. It can just be seen below.

A brief rest then she dived well into the cup of the nest and then rearranged her eggs as you can see below. The eggs are now banging against each other as she does this – I wonder if any ever get cracked.

She covered the eggs early today making it very difficult to see them all. I am glad I got up early to get a glimpse of the others – who would believe from the photo below taken at 10.40am has so many eggs hidden beneath!

Colour variances in the photos above are as a result of changing light levels outside. I occasionally alter the brightness of the photos. As I am choosing to share these photos I like to show them as I see them as much as I can. These photos have not been altered.

2 thoughts on “Sunday sees six

  1. Six eggs already? When is she going to stop?

    We had rain today, did you have some too?

  2. Seven now – she may be finished. she has started incubating them this morning, Tues.

    Yes, we too had rain and winds.

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