Seven eggs for seven days

Today our Blue Tit female in our Camera Nestbox had laid egg number seven by the time I looked in on her at 5.08am. I cannot deny I was not a little disappointed – this was the earliest I had been up to see her! She was early today herself – ah well.

She was sitting over the cup of the nest when I saw her this morning. She then dived down into the cup to sort the eggs – I had thought perhaps she was making space for today’s one. I had to wait a few naps and sessions of re-adjusting of the material around the top of the cup before I would see the eggs – almost 15 minutes later. I think I really knew it was all over when I first saw inside the box.

I also considered if she had brought up the first egg hidden further in the cup of the nest but all her behavioural signs suggested she had laid an egg. I was unable to get a good picture this morning as you can see above. However later on when I looked in again at about 7.10pm, just before she came in for the night, I managed to capture a very clear picture of six of the seven eggs as you can see below.

The question now is – is she finished laying? Another question has also to be answered what is she doing about the first egg hidden deep in the cup of the nest? Perhaps I was mistaken with the first egg but I am confident I saw it. I think I will put this question to a forum and see if others have experience of this.

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