Heads down…

The long-tailed tits that have been visiting my garden over the last few days have distracted my attention somewhat. I have replaced the fatcake in the guardian in the hope that they will continue to come for a few more visits. Afterwards I couldn’t resist staying in the garden with my camera to see if I could get any better photos of this new visitor.

This afternoon I managed one that really shows the shape of this delightful little bird. Head down and he darts into the cage of the guardian. Now it is time for me to get my head down! I took my photos for my Bloom Day post yesterday and plan to post them, much later, tonight but I’ve a few more domestic jobs to do first!

The photo above was taken in my garden on March 16th 2008.

7 thoughts on “Heads down…

  1. Hi Shirl, I see what you mean, they are a lovely little bird and will usually let you get quite close. Great shot of it too, thanks for my comments. Mike.

  2. Love these posts on the long-tailed tits. I have seen them occasionally flitting through my garden, and also in local woodland, but have never been quick enough to get a photo, but you’ve cptured them beautifully.

  3. Hi again Mike, Cheryl, Lisa, Largo observer, Carol and Jane 🙂

    Mike – I was thrilled to see this bird in my garden. So far I haven’t been able to get too close with the camera but its visits may be numbered as the pair of blue tits in my garden just won’t leave them alone! Thanks, I was pleased with the photo. You are most welcome. I appreciate your comments too and thanks for the link to my bird photo blog 😀

    Cheryl – Thank-you, this bird is definitely one of my favourites now too 😀

    Lisa – It really is cute and I am so glad it found its way here even if it just stays a short while 😀

    Largo observer – Thank-you, I had never seen them anywhere so this has been a great treat! How wonderful to see them in local woodlands and your garden! Thanks, yes these visits were very quick for the camera – the rest of the photos were out of focus 😀

    Carol – Thanks, I am thrilled that I can share these particular photos 😀

    Jane – I see what you mean, I am just thrilled to see it 😀

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