7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Hairy shield bug

  1. Hello everyone, thanks for all your comments. This is the first time I had seen this bug and I’ve never seen it since 🙂

    Sue, perhaps they could be. It was my first ever sighting but around then I was seeing it appearing on quite a few blogs. I spotted it in my Mum’s garden and fortunately my phone was in my pocket as it disappeared out of sight pretty quickly!

    Adrian, it was certainly a surprise of a find and in a moment it was gone again – that’s nature for you 🙂

    Janneke, neither had I, being so small I got a surprise at how beautiful it was when I saw the enlarged photo capture on the PC back at home 🙂

    Lisa, there does seem to be a few different kinds of the shield bug here too. It was the pretty colour that caught my eye and the black & white striped edge detail. In the back of my mind I must have stored the image of a shield bug (probably seeing it in another blog) which helped me find an ID 🙂

  2. We have lots of the green shield bugs here, they are the bane of my life in autumn as they try to come into the house and you can't just kill them because of the smell they emit. I've seen lots of other kinds too but never this one, very interesting, have you identified it?

  3. Hello Christina, oh dear … I had no idea about the smell this bug could emit. Smell or not I don’t think I’d like to see lots of these bugs in my house so you have my sympathies. Yes, the link under the last photo goes to the ID I found. Its species name is Dolycoris baccarum. I have it listed in a book of mine under this same species name as a Sloe bug too as it feeds on sloe and other berries and in blackthorn and hedgerows

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