Third time lucky?

Today has been a very pleasant warm and sunny day. Mm… perhaps I should have taken my Bloom Day photos – tomorrow is to be rainy once again! Like many parts of the UK this summer has been a bit of a wash out with the hot summer days seeming a distant memory at the… Read More Third time lucky?


The End

Sadly the picture from my camera Nestbox this morning shows the final two blue tit chicks leaning on each other not moving at all. Yesterday the third one died and I was most surprised to see that the female did not remove it from the nest until much later in the day. The other two… Read More The End


What can we see?

Well, I would have said it was against all odds that the three remaining blue tit chicks in our camera Nestbox were still alive. They are only being fed by one parent (the female) and her food deliveries are nowhere nearly often enough. I timed her over an hour during the last couple of days.… Read More What can we see?


Chirping for food

Yesterday morning there were five chicks in our blue tit Nestbox. I was really quite positive for them. They appeared strong and alert. However when I looked in the Nestbox during the evening we could only see four and they looked much less alert. This morning we now have four chicks 11 days old. I… Read More Chirping for food

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Garden updates

I try not to mix up my posts on the plants, bird and wildlife in my garden too much but there is so much going on at the moment. Everyone is the same at this time of year I am quite sure. It is a busy time in the garden. My Nestbox videos of yesterday… Read More Garden updates


Nestbox troubles

I can now say with certainty that the promise of our Nestbox pair of blue tits, which had a shaky start, is back on shaky ground yet again. The male is definitely out of the picture now and we have a female blue tit not only incubating her eggs and looking after her young chicks… Read More Nestbox troubles