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Lowes at home

Well almost, a good near 2nd. The loch view above, seen from one of the visitor hides at SWT Loch of the Lowes, is maybe missing from the garden but recent activity seen from my gardenwatch window, pretty well matched what I’d see from the observation window in the visitor centre. Garden focus had been… Read More Lowes at home


All quiet now!

Earlier this evening as I looked out my window the trees and plants were still blowing in the wind. The light was fading fast and all was quiet – but what a noise was heard today in my garden. Squawk, squawk, squawk! I never heard the noise from inside but I did notice a bird… Read More All quiet now!


Starlings sparkle

The Starlings have continued to have a presence in my garden sometimes coming in small numbers as they did today. On closer inspection they are actually quite pretty birds with almost rainbow colours sparkling through their feathers – I really don’t like their eyes though. At the moment they are enjoying feeding at the sunflower… Read More Starlings sparkle


Bird Wars

The status quo of birds feeding at my bird feeders today was still nowhere to be seen. I would say in fact it heightened to outright Bird Wars. The Goldfinches were the only species that didn’t fight with each other. It was quite cold today, we had snow overnight but it was all away by… Read More Bird Wars