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Hedgehog Street & visits

What a great idea to ‘Gang up to make where you live hedgehog friendly.’ With numbers in decline, making small changes to our garden boundaries can create wildlife corridors that will benefit the birds and wildlife that visit our gardens. Chatting to neighbours about this is a good place to start. It would be brilliant… Read More Hedgehog Street & visits

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Visitors beware…

“This blog contains way too much chat, photos and video on garden plants, birds and wildlife. It also goes wandering on visits to gardens and nature reserves! There are cameras and links everywhere… are you brave enough to browse? I hope so :-D”Under the heading ‘A GARDENWATCH WARNING’ in my sidebar, at present, this is… Read More Visitors beware…

Hedgehog, Wildlife

Sh… hedgehog napping

Finally, after much anticipation and finger crossing, we have seen the first images of a hedgehog exploring inside my daughter’s Hedgehog House (made for school exam project). I really didn’t believe my luck last night as I looked in at a perfect time… just as one arrived! The record button was quickly activated and I… Read More Sh… hedgehog napping