Easy to miss

Nope… my back garden window view of Autumn leaves on my small domed Acer is the first thing I see when I open the curtains just now. It’s changing day by day. Easy to miss though is the photo opportunities when birds perch on this main crown branch. I’d need to be watching all day… Read More Easy to miss

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Visitors beware…

“This blog contains way too much chat, photos and video on garden plants, birds and wildlife. It also goes wandering on visits to gardens and nature reserves! There are cameras and links everywhere… are you brave enough to browse? I hope so :-D”Under the heading ‘A GARDENWATCH WARNING’ in my sidebar, at present, this is… Read More Visitors beware…


We wait no longer

… for the Alliums, one of my garden favs especially in the opening stages. … for the pink flowering Red Campion, a wild flower grown from seed which have been allowed to wander around my borders… with gardener supervision of course! … for the regal flowers of the Meconopsis. Its stunning blue flowers change tones… Read More We wait no longer


Blooms and updates

Perhaps a late in posting to join Carol and everyone for April’s Bloom Day but here I am. Originally ahead of the game (taking my photos on the 13th) I then found no time near the PC! Too good an opportunity to miss, the dry, warm weather over the last week has helped kick start… Read More Blooms and updates


Tick tock, tick tock

Time waits for no man/woman and nor do the plants! The season is marching swiftly on and I have been a tad amiss in recording the flowers of my garden recently. Late this afternoon I thought I’d rectify this with some of the plants that caught my eye…. Coneflower, nasturtium, Ivy flower bud. It seems… Read More Tick tock, tick tock

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Spring watching special

Nesting birds, fledglings, hedgehogs, bees, butterflies and so much more… what a great time to watch the garden! At a guess I’d say if you’re reading my blog here in the UK, like me, you are also watching the BBC Springwatch programme at the moment. I hope you’re enjoying it too. The scruffy blue tit… Read More Spring watching special


On the home front

With more posts to come on my ‘local patch’ I thought I’d take a brief break to catch up on what’s hot and what’s not in my garden. Well, that was my intention but when I start chatting… This posting comes with a health warning – cuppa required! Oh… and you might need your shoes… Read More On the home front


Inspector Spring

What clues does he look for? The mood board begins. Warmer days… tick. Sunny days… tick. Bulbs coming into flower… tick. Birds singing their little hearts out to attract mates… tick. The search for clues continues… Weeds reappearing under plants, through gravel and in borders… tick. Sunshine replaced by rainfall then followed by sunshine has… Read More Inspector Spring