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Hedgehog Street & visits

What a great idea to ‘Gang up to make where you live hedgehog friendly.’ With numbers in decline, making small changes to our garden boundaries can create wildlife corridors that will benefit the birds and wildlife that visit our gardens. Chatting to neighbours about this is a good place to start. It would be brilliant… Read More Hedgehog Street & visits

Hedgehog, Wildlife

Sh… hedgehog napping

Finally, after much anticipation and finger crossing, we have seen the first images of a hedgehog exploring inside my daughter’s Hedgehog House (made for school exam project). I really didn’t believe my luck last night as I looked in at a perfect time… just as one arrived! The record button was quickly activated and I… Read More Sh… hedgehog napping

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Hear and there

Let’s hear it for birds and wildlife visiting our jungle gardens at this time of year! One bird that has being catching my eye has been a lonesome Collared dove… but not the one above which I’m showing for comparison. Here’s the one below that I’ve been watching. It has been sitting around the garden… Read More Hear and there

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Blooms and babies

How about a little less chat and some action instead for this month’s blooms? Or… do you fancy seeing my baby photos first? Decisions, decisions… so many garden stories…. have you time for a cuppa? Go on… this one’s an easy read. Okay… are you sitting comfortably? Let’s begin with one of the volunteers that… Read More Blooms and babies