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Lowes at home

Well almost, a good near 2nd. The loch view above, seen from one of the visitor hides at SWT Loch of the Lowes, is maybe missing from the garden but recent activity seen from my gardenwatch window, pretty well matched what I’d see from the observation window in the visitor centre. Garden focus had been… Read More Lowes at home


Yes, the snow did come

The chilly cold and snow of winter came overnight. What weird weather we are having here – it was almost summer-like on Sunday! On Tuesday morning, winds swirled the snow in every direction and we couldn’t see clearly through the windows. The pink flowers of the drumstick primulas could only just been seen in the… Read More Yes, the snow did come


More Trichomoniasis

Last week I posted photos of a greenfinch juvenile that I suspected of having the fat finch disease Trichomoniasis . I received a comment to this post confirming my suspicions. Yesterday I saw another Greenfinch and Chaffinch with it and when I walked up close to them they wouldn’t move – another sign of this… Read More More Trichomoniasis


Red Nose Tree

It was a wild and windy day today with light showers – just the kind of day that I have found brings the birds out in their numbers. You would probably expect warm sunny days would do that but yesterday the Chaffinches were perched on the tree that overlooks my garden for ages appearing to… Read More Red Nose Tree


Spot the difference

Today strong winds were thrashing about my ‘Mothers Day’ bamboo beside a feeding station – colliding with the feeders and knocking them about. This opened up an opportunity to temporarily place it nearer my window – allowing me to get closer footage of the birds. I set up my video camera and left it running… Read More Spot the difference